The Beautiful Minds Program


The secondary school element of Beautiful Minds has four components for teachers to adapt to fit the needs of their classroom. The third component of the Beautiful Minds program consists of a presentation by a mental health facilitator and one or two individuals who have experienced a mental health issue and want to share their story to help others. This education program is designed to help teachers meet the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training’s Curriculum Guidelines both formally in health and physical education, social science and humanities classes and informally in English, math, science and art classes. A complete educational resource manual is provided to teachers with all the information and materials to deliver the program as well as plenty of additional information including how to support students with mental health issues.

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During the presentation portion of the Beautiful Minds for Secondary Schools program, students are given a handbook that supplements the information presented. Students are also given the opportunity to collect brochures, pamphlets and materials from local organizations that provide them with contact information and information about mental health and related issues such as suicide, self-harm, shelters and gender issues.

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Parents are encouraged to become involved by attending the Beautiful Minds for Secondary Schools presentations.


Volunteers are recruited bi-annually and are needed to present their personal stories around their experience with mental health and illness during the presentation component of the Beautiful Minds education program.

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