Beautiful Minds is a positive and flexible education program that can fit into almost any course offered in high schools. It teaches you about mental health and you will meet people who have experienced mental health challenges. You will gain knowledge and information to support your own mental health and that of people close to you.

There are lots of services available in the community and we encourage you to make use of them. Our Beautiful Minds educational program will help you eliminate the stigma related to mental health and to stay mentally healthy. We even have a student handbook to supplement the information provided in the Beautiful Minds presentation. You will also be given the opportunity to collect brochures, pamphlets, and materials from local organizations that will provide you with contact information and information about mental health and related issues such as suicide, self-harm, shelters, and gender issues. You can also check out our learn about and resources sections on the website for more information. And if you are in distress or just need someone to talk to, please reach out for help. You can call any of the numbers or visit any of the websites on our get help page.

If you are interested in booking a presentation for your class, have your teacher check out our teacher section, or you can contact us directly here.