About Us

Beautiful Minds is a mental health and wellness program from the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington. Our program is built on the values of respect, integrity, accountability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We are dedicated to excellence in the provision of interactive, inspirational, and educational programs. Our focus is to increase knowledge about mental health and mental wellness, and promote positive attitudes towards all mental health issues.

We currently offer an educational program aimed at secondary level schools. We are also able to accommodate community presentations and events and some programming for senior elementary students.

Booking Beautiful Minds for a presentation for your group is easy. Just send us an email and tell us about your event, or check our speaker calendar and then submit a request for a presentation.


Beautiful Minds will demonstrate excellence in providing educational programs, promoting positive mental health throughout the life cycle.


Beautiful Minds is a collaborative partner leading development, promotion, and delivery of educational programs designed to increase knowledge and encourage positive attitudes around mental health.

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